This is a (relatively) up-to-date collection of articles I've had published in various different places:


Is it ever worth not knowing the truth?, August 2015


The cult of productivity is preventing you from being productive, November 2015

Everything you think you know about happiness is wrong, October 2015

Instead of following your passion, find a career that changes lives, July 2015

The complete guide to choosing a career,  June 2015

Learning from mistakes can change your fortune - or earn you one, March 2015

The one thing you need to achieve any goal, February 2015 

You'll definitely break your New Year's resolutions, but it doesn't matter, January 2015


How politically biased are you?, September 2015

Keeping your New Year's resolutions is hard. These 7 tips make it easier, January 2015

The social science guide to picking a career you'll love , December 2014

Cafe (which has since changed to 'The Mid')

The story of your life: is it ruining your relationships?, January 2015

6 ways to take criticism so that it actually helps you, January 2015

Why is it so hard to find what you want in clothing stores?, December 2014

Why self-doubt may be good for you, December 2014

5 things I wish I'd known about careers when I was younger, December 2014

5 things I complain about when I should just be grateful, December 2014

Indecisive? Write things down. December 2014

Today is Giving Tuesday. So where should you give? December 2014

3 misconceptions about careers that "make a difference", December 2014

How well do you understand other people, really? November 2014

Pinning down the fleeting nature of happiness, November 2014

3 things you should never say in an argument, November 2014

Does fearing death make sense?, November 2014

The problem with avoiding bad news, November 2014

How to do that thing you keep putting off , November 2014

Why we don't always do what we want, November 2014

Plane crashes, constellations, and fate: how we find patterns in randomness, October 2014

Praying to stop being an atheist, October 2014

A relationship is a journey, not a unity, October 2014

Why do we have so few words for love?, October 2014

Is Google making us biased?, October 2014

How to feel good about yourself all the time, October 2014

Science doesn't prove anything, October 2014

Do psychic powers exist, or is science broken?, October 2014

Redefining success, September 2014