I'm a researcher and writer

interested in how we can make better decisions on important issues, as individuals and as a society. Right now, I’m focused on improving societal decision-making around the governance and use of artificial intelligence, because I think the decisions we make about AI today could have a particularly large impact on the future. I’m currently a Research Associate at the Centre for the Future of Intelligence at Cambridge University. More about my research here.

I have a PhD in behavioural science, and have consulted for various parts of the UK government on behavioural science and evidence-based policy.

I've also worked as a freelance journalist, and have written about science and psychology for places like VoxQuartz and Aeon. I enjoy trying to understand problems from different perspectives, and to explain them clearly.

In my PhD thesis, I argued that the evidence for confirmation bias is much weaker than most people think, and that this has important practical implications. I think we should spend less time trying to "debias" people, and instead think more about when and why people make assumptions, and the costs and benefits of doing so in different contexts. You can read a shorter summary of my thesis here.

I'm currently based in Cambridge, UK.